Academic Freedom does not mean freedom from reality

From the May 16, 2008 entry entitled “Evolution Academic Freedom Bill Submitted in South Carolina is Sixth this Year“.

Casey Luskin reminds us that there are currently six proposed “academic freedom” bills in the United States.  As you are probably aware, the new technique used by creationists/IDers is to attack evolutionary theory by using the guise of “academic freedom.”  It is a decent technique because who doesn’t like freedom?  A link to the new bill can be found here.

One of the provisions really caught my eye:

D)Public school educators must be supported in finding effective ways to present controversial science curriculum and must be permitted to help students understand, analyze, critique, and review the scientific strengths and weaknesses of theories of biological and chemical evolution in an objective manner.

The only reason that evolution is “controversial” is because of groups like the Discovery Institute trying to push their religion into science.  Within the scientific community (the people that study science daily) there is no controversy.  What is worse is that the educators must be “supported” in finding ways to undermine evolutionary theory.  Does supported = forced?

Casey ends with quote from Senator Fair:

“The very nature of science is to ask questions and to go where the evidence leads.” If the evidence is on the side of evolution, then the NCSE has nothing to fear from this bill.

The evidence is on the side of evolution.  However, young minds are easily persuaded by a teacher that doesn’t fully understand the preponderance evidence for evolution or one who is going to bring their denialism into the classroom.  The fear of the bill comes from the ability of teachers to indoctrinate students into nonscientific thinking and lead to a noncritical view of the world.



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