Top 10 Intelligent Design Tactics

Note:This post is written with respect to Poe’s Law.

Here are the top ten ways that ID proponents can further the cause of elevating Intelligent Design to a level where it is accepted at or above Darwinism.

  1. Teach the controversy – Contrary to what Darwinists say, there are still gaps in the theory of evolution.  These areas that have not been fully explored create gaps in the theory and are perfect for intelligent design to fill.  Don’t mention the fact that these gaps are getting smaller and smaller with each new experiment.
  2. Ignore evidence – When a new study supporting evolution comes out, simply ignore this new evidence.  If you never talk about it, people might not know it exists!  Also, pretend old lines of evidence don’t exist either.  A good example would be if someone asks about transitional fossils.  Don’t acknowledge the myriad of examples, just say that there aren’t any.
  3. Spin evidence – Whether or not new evidence supports evolution, it should be considered as evidence of design.  Although ignoring evidence is still preferable.
  4. Evolution is just a theory – Remind people that Darwin’s theory of evolution is just that: a theory.  Since it is just a theory, then it has not been proven 100%.  Do not mention that it is a strong theory that has withstood 150 years of scrutiny.
  5. Science is a religion – Tell people that science requires as much faith as religion.  Scientists don’t question, they just blindly trust what other Darwinists are saying.
  6. The designer is not necessarily God – If intelligent design is ever to be taught in schools, it has to be distanced from religion.  Tell people you don’t know who is the “Designer.”  Say it could be God, but could also be aliens or someone else entirely.  Do not mention how nearly every organization promoting ID is full of Christians.
  7. Confusing people with math – People have a hard time with large numbers.  Simply say that the odds of life beginning on earth by itself are something like 1 in 100 trillion.  Don’t worry about there being absolutely no basis for these numbers.
  8. Academic freedom – Take advantage of the politically correct times in which we live.  Everybody loves freedom! Disguising your motives to teach intelligent design as science under the sign of freedom.  They wouldn’t want to deny you any freedom would they?
  9. Promote analogies – With analogies, one can convey an idea or convince another person without having any real evidence.  Plus you can twist any analogy to look like it supports any conclusion you want.  For example, you can say that the eye looks exactly like a camera even though the eye has a blind spot and the detectors are located underneath layers of cells.
  10. Do not generate hypotheses – If you make a hypothesis, then that will open the door to actual experiments being done.  This is undesirable due to the odds of success being so low.  Stick with using the above propagandist techniques.

If i have missed any techniques that should be added to the list, please let me know.  If you need to learn more about Poe’s law, find out here.

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