I thought it was called “intelligent design”

In his August 13, 2008 post entitled The Proper Rebuttal to the Flying Spaghetti Monster: Cartoon Satire on South Park, Casey Luskin attacks the use of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM) as a way of disproving intelligent design. He uses a scene from Southpark to prove his point, but somehow I don’t think that he really gets it. FSM was used in the Kansas evolution hearings as an argument that it could just as likely be FSM behind intelligent design as God. The FSM argument, at least in my opinion, is more about religion vs. atheism.

The theory is called intelligent design, not God design. So why does Luskin talk about God in a blog about evolution and intelligent design? For one, we know that almost every person in the intelligent design movement believes that God is the intelligent designer, but they can’t say so because it would preclude teaching ID in schools. It also gives them the talking point that they are really doing science and not religion because they do not usually state that God is the designer. They also try to invoke fear in their readers. Reading between the lines, they are stating that if you believe in evolution, then you do not believe in God. Of course the two ideas are not mutually exclusive (unless you believe the every word in the bible is literal). They should start calling their pet theory God design. If they do, at least they will finally be honest about it.

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