Intelligent design lacks evolution’s web of evidence

Multiple lines of evidence converge towards evolution

Multiple lines of evidence converge towards evolution

I have been studying evolutionary theory and debating anti-evolutionists for quite awhile. One thing that continually impresses me is the overwhelming amount of evidence that points to evolution. Each piece of evidence can almost stand on its own for the credence of evolution, but the real power comes from their combination. These evidences even come from such diverse disciplines as molecular biology to paleontology. Although not perfect (but what really is), these forms of evidence compliment each other so strongly that it is nearly inconceivable that evolution is not real.

So what about intelligent design? Surely it also has evidence pointing towards it, right? After all, the Discovery Institute was founded on the idea, and it was the focus of Ben Stein’s Expelled. Well, the simple and accurate answer is a resounding “No”. There is not one piece of evidence that supports the idea. Irreducible complexity is just an argument from personal incredulity. Plus, the structures that are often pointed to as examples of irreducible complexity have had their evolutionary origins identified. The idea of complex specified information theory proposed by William Dembski is simple pseudoscience. Even the ideas that do not directly contradict intelligent design are neutral to the idea.

Take a look at the figure that I have included in this post. It is by no means a complete representation of all the lines of evidence for evolution, but it does show the abundance of evidence. Why do intelligent design proponents ignore all this evidence? Willful ignorance? Distrust for Science and scientists? Either way, it should be obvious that no more time or brain power should be wasted on the idea. And for crying out loud, this pipe dream should not be taught in schools.

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35 Responses

  1. Intelligent design means magically created. Scientists laugh at it. Liars for Jebus believe in it.

  2. actually, have you noticed all the gigantic holes in the fossil record or are you to busy looking at the supposed “evidence” for the THEORY of evolution?

  3. Where did the first chemicals floating out in space somewhere come from?

  4. do you know why the evolutionists can’t answer that question? They don’t know the answer!!!

  5. sdf,
    Thank you for your interest in my blog. I hope you continue reading. People like you are the reason I created it.
    I don’t know what gigantic holes you are referring to. There are small gaps in the fossil record, but that is to be expected with the rarity of fossils. Not every dead animal becomes a fossil. Even the ones that do are subject to being destroyed by many factors such as erotion, plate techtonics, etc. Considering this, it is impressive how many transitional fossils (such as tiktaalik) we have found. Putting evidence in quotes doesn’t change the fact that there is a mountain of evidence supporting evolution and none that disprove it.

    You are right, we don’t know where all the matter in the universe came from. However, this has no relevance on the theory of evolution.

  6. I like to believe my life has purpose.
    With Evolution, nothing I will ever do will have meaning.
    Encouraging, isn’t it?

  7. Garrett,
    I am not sure where you get the idea that belief in evolution means that your life has no purpose. Life is what you make of it. Besides, evolution does not conflict with religion, except for those few fundamentalists. If you choose to believe in God, evolution provides a clear path of the way he created life. Otherwise, you have to believe he is cruel and unfeeling god with all the deformities, painful diseases, and parasites that afflict humans.

    Regardless, reality does not care about what encourages you or not.

  8. Give me one missing link thats all i want there isnt one u cant find one

  9. accordin to evolution every one is a pile of mud dont that make u fell just all happy in side

  10. fds,
    I am quite sure that this is a joke, but I still want to answer. One missing link? If you mean a transitional fossil, then look at Tiktaalik. This fossil shows an animal that is half fish half land animal.
    As far as being a “pile of mud,” I don’t really follow you. We are all still humans with hopes and fears and everything else that comes with it. Living life does not depend on our origins.

  11. K first thats a drawn pic that dosent give me any proof and on theory of evolution is that a bolt of lightnig bolt basicly hit a pile of sludge so that makes us sludge

  12. and this is not a joke i am a christan and its kinda hard to belive somthin with almost no proof

  13. you seriously need to rethink Ur religion.If we always came from chimps then we why do we still have chimps around at the zoo. You may say that the evolutionary prosses have stoped do to some block in the ozone layer or a metor fell from space but 99.9% of the time all metors never really hit the earth just the dust left over from the heat of the metior and by the way can you show me an half cat half bird and no drawings but a real fossil

  14. bort in your conversation with sdf you say that here i will copy and past it I don’t know what gigantic holes you are referring to. There are small gaps in the fossil record, but that is to be expected with the rarity of fossils. but later you say this “Considering this, it is impressive how many transitional fossils (such as tiktaalik) we have found.” you are controdicicting yourself make up your mind all the evolutionist say that you need to make up your mind

  15. Tarheel yea evolution isnt a religion just wanted to tell you that and im fixing my thing from above im a christian and im just tryin to figure out how evolutianist belive sumtin with very little proof

  16. o and about tikaalik um i looked at the pic site and i wouldnt use that again it says shut up and thats gonna tic alot of people off so i would find a diffrent pic

  17. i dont understand.All you do is show us drawings at a 7 year old could make.Show us a real fossil of a half cat half bat and no pictures just a real fossil is all that i am looking for and dont say that there are so many tha t you can even count them all.all me and fds want is real proof not a cartoon picture

  18. fds,

    You point about the picture of tiktaalik is good. I will change the link. That is also a good point that evolution is not a religion. There are a lot of Christians that believe in evolution.

    There are a lot of theories on how the first biochemical molecules were created. Lightning is one theory, but there are others. But, I want to focus more on the sludge comment. Do you think that a piece of stained glass is just sand? Stained glass started off as sand, but is changed into a beautiful piece of art.

    “i am a christan and its kinda hard to belive somthin with almost no proof” There is a lot of proof. Just let me know what area (genetics, fossils, etc.) and I will give you more examples.

    I do not understand how I am contradicting myself. Perhaps I wasn’t clear. What I meant was that we see a lot of transitional fossils even though fossils are hard to find.

  19. Tarheel,
    We did not come from chimps. We came from an ape ancestor that chimps also came from that is now extinct. Chimps are like our evolutionary cousins (very, very, very distant cousins).

    I do not believe evolution has stopped. It is just a really slow process that takes millions of years to see changes.

    As far as meteors, maybe only 99.9% don’t hit the earth, but how many meteors are out there? That .1% that actually hit could be in the millions. Besides, there are craters from meteors on the earth that you can visit, so we know they do hit the earth.

    A half-cat half-bird? The existence of that would disprove evolution.

    Tiktaalik is a real fossil that shows the transition from fish to land animals.

  20. Bort thank you for the new picture of tiktaalik and christians do not ebelive in evolution we belive in a devine creation that took 7 days to complete and there is plenty of proof of chritianity how did sea fossils get up on mountains how did that boat get up on that mountain how did any fossils get on mountains fossils need great pressure to mineralize and become a fossil how did they form on mountains here is a website that list the very few proofs of the flood and thats just one belife of christans we have proof of every event you prob dont read the bible but one story of the bible is moses and the isralites were being chased by roman soldiers by chariots and all that stuff when moses reached he red sea he parted the sea the iralites passed and when they were across God had the sea come back down killing all of the roman soliders and toaday we find in the red sea bones of humans and chariots and bones of horses. can you explain that and heres the website about the flood please read it please

  21. o and with the devine creation which i started with that would mean the earth is thousands of years old which we have proof of instead of millions and can you tell me how long it takes coal to form cause i have proof that it dosent take millions of years just look at spirt lake coal formed with in 10 15 years

  22. Why dont you write back you havnt in a a couple days

  23. I read the article entitled “Evidence for the Biblical account of the Flood.” Thanks for bringing it to my attention, but I did not see anything that seemed to convince me that the flood happened. A few of the points in the article:
    -Fossils are found on mountains because mountains used to be on the ground until plate tectonics forced the ground up to make mountains.
    -Much of the united states, including Wyoming was covered by an ocean. That means sea creature fossils should be seen in Wyoming.
    -There is a tree in Sweden that is close to 10,000 years old, so the California Bristlecone Pines are irrelevant

    Nothing in the article is convincing

  24. k fine i understand but you dont cant tell me your evolutionist view of how horses and humas and chariots and some armour are in the middle of the the red sea

  25. o and you didnt explayin the coal

  26. you know how humans are spoused to come into the whole world thing millons of years after the dinosours then how do theses show up from the incan empire all these are from the incan empire and imsure you know when the first dinosour fossils were found how did the incans know wat dinosours look like kinda messes up your whole millons and billons old earth right

  27. and there are tons of those ecthings

  28. fds,
    I am just going to say that I think those Inca carvings are fake, made by the locals to sell to tourists. If dinosaurs did live at the same time as humans, there should be drawings and carvings all over the planet. We do not see this. If dinos and humans lived at the same time, then we should think that everything lived at the same time. If everything lived at the same time, then we should always see mixed fossils of humans and dinos and everything else that has existed on earth. We don’t’. What we do see time and time again is different fossils in different layers of earth indicating they died at different times.

    I have a question for you since you keep bringing up biblical stories as fact. How did Noah fit all those animals on a single boat. Two of everything right? Two brown bears, black bears, asian black bears, polar bears, grizzly bears, sun bears, spectacled bears, panda bears,tigers, lions, bobcats, panthers, cheetahs, pumas, mountain lions, lynx, domestic cats, leopards, snow leopards, wolves, foxes, dingos, african elephants, asian elephants, baboons, chimpanzees, gorillas, spider monkeys, macaques, rhinos, hippos, elk, deer, yaks, llamas, camels, .. I think you get the picture. It would have been impossible.

    About the coal? I don’t know enough about geology, but I did find several sites arguing against it.

    Horses and chariots at the bottom of the red sea? How about they fell of a boat.

    I think you need to evaluate your sources of information. I have been able to discredit most of your arguments without any real effort. Doesn’t that say something about your sources?

    I would suggest you look at opposing views and see who has the better argument. I always do. In fact, that is one of the reasons for this blog, so that I can make sure to follow the people who hold different views than my own.

  29. heres ur dino wit humans and were da boat go o and there is a such as micro evolution like the flu or like mating diffrent dogs so all you need is to bears and then you have all da other bears

  30. fds, your picture of a human footprint next to a dinosaur’s footprint is not convincing. First, the human foot is extremely large, nearly two feet long, too long for a person. Next, it looks like it could easily have been faked. Don’t you think so? Finally, I said there should be thousands or even millions of bones of humans next to dinosaurs. We do not see that.

    Where did the boat go? Boats are made of wood and wood rots. Besides, there are plenty more other explanations that I could have picked. Finding some armor at the bottom of a body of water does not prove anything.

    Microevolution leads to Macroevolution. Lets start with your bear example. You said that all it would take is two bears to lead to the different species that we see today. The different species cannot breed with each other. Fast forward to another 5,000 years (your numbers not mine) and we will have even more different type bears. More species with different characteristics. Eventually these different characteristics will lead to completely different animals…. or macroevolution.

  31. Ok first about the inca carvings why would the locals bury the carvings in rock if they want to selll them???

  32. k i had to rush on the last one those carvings were found in deep in rock and are dated back to the incan empire o and some more proof of the flood carbon dating has prooved that there was a time were evrything died about 5000

  33. fds is right, by the way no christians belive in evolution we belive in a Intelligent designer that created the cosmos (everything) and by the way ,me and fds want a REAL transsitional fossil not a 3 year old picture but a fossil like what fds had and yes that is a real fossil my teacher saw that real and in a river in texas there is many fossils just like the one fds had but, people like you take the fossils and try to destroy them befor people can figure it out

  34. the picture of your so called tikaalik looks more like a aligator dont u think so??

  35. Tarheel, no, not really. This is an actual alligator skull:

    The eyes are different, the tapering of the skull is different, and Tiktaalik is lacking nostrils on the end of its snout. Even more importantly, Tiktaalik is anapsid instead of diapsid (here is a diagram showing the difference: ). For reference, we have synapsid skulls, like all other mammals and all diapsids are reptiles. Tiktaalik’s resemblance to an alligator is incredibly superficial and only serves to show that it was an aquatic carnivore.

    Furthermore, that does not negate its fish traits, which are pointed out here Its scales are fish scales, it has fins, and it has gills. But, it also has amphibian characteristics like a neck and a shoulder girdle. As a result of having both amphibian and fish characteristics, it is a transitional fossil.

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