Top 10 Reasons Intelligent Design is an Epic Fail

  1. Intelligent Design(ID) is Unfalsifiable – A key test of the value of a scientific theory is that it can be shown to be false.  This is not the case with ID.  No matter what evidence, experiments, or facts show, it can be twisted into the “designers” plan.
  2. ID is an unnecessary idea – There already exists a perfectly adequate theory to explain the diversity of life on this planet.  The theory has experimental and observational evidence to support it.  Why fix what is not broken?
  3. ID is based on religious motivation, not scientific curiosity – Whenever there is a motivation besides science (whether political, religious, or other) then you know its not really science.  Despite the denials by ID proponents, the religious undertones are thinly veiled and apparent.
  4. Experiments are not done to support ID – The only way to support a scientific theory is to perform experiments.  By now, there should be volumes of experimental evidence for intelligent design if it was a valid theory.  We know that there is money out there for it.  So why don’t we see any?
  5. ID is not usefulThe idea that a “designer” could pick and choose how they wanted life to work has no use.  Did the designer decided to have different rules for every animal? Is every organism designed or are some accidental?  Is the designer’s influence continuous or only during the beginning of life?  These and a thousand other questions would preclude our ability to predict anything based on intelligent design ideas making them worthless.
  6. ID depends on denial for support – ID proponents often discount evidence in order to back their position.  Only a poor idea needs to be propped up by denial.  For example, IDers say there is no transitional fossils, despite the dozens of examples found in the fossil record.
  7. Intelligent Design is not clearly defined – ID is a nebulous idea that really can’t be nailed down.  It is usually defined as the idea that there seems to be an underlying design to nature and that some things in biology are too complicated to happen without interference.  There is never any mention of exactly what the designer did at what time  Without a clear definition, how is anyone going to take it seriously as a scientific theory?  They won’t.
  8. Absolutely no evidence for ID – without any evidence, the theory just does not deserve any credence.  Until some arises it should be regarded as pseudoscience.
  9. ID corrupts science educationThe current approach perpetuated by ID proponents under the guise of  “academic freedom” dilutes the real scientific information that should be taught.  Any time spent on unproven and unsubstantiated theories is time spent away from teaching real facts and theories.
  10. ID is an embarrassment – Intelligent design is having a negative effect on the prestige and attractiveness of the places that support it.  This is most obvious in the United States and surely is part of the current “brain drain.”  With more and more states looking into “academic freedom” bills, things are going to get worse before they get better.

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2 Responses

  1. Greetings,

    Here’s another reason…a very fundamental one that cannot be talked away.

    Intelligent design/creationism is not only cherry-picked science, it is faulty theology as well. Startling as it may seem, by continually protesting that “blind” chance could only lead to “accidental evolution”, all denialist forms of creationism contradict the Bible’s clear teachings that chance occurrence in the universe (randomness), is always under God’s direct control!…Oops! Try this:

    It’s called: “Intelligent Design Rules Out God’s Sovereignty Over Chance”

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