The Discovery Institute opens its doors

Kate Holden has sent out a challenge for any evolution proponent to visit the Discovery Institute in Seattle, Washington.  She is one of two women who visited the institute in disguise as Christian schoolteachers.  In response to their undercover visit, Casey Luskin has sent them a letter where he states that

I say the same things to everyone, whether they are pro-ID or anti-ID (yes, open ID-skeptics have come in before!).  Had you said “We’re ID skeptics” I would have said, “Awesome, that’s great.  How can I answer your questions and what materials would you like me to give you?”

So, Kate wants to take him up on his word.  She also wants your trials, tribulations, and stories from your visit.  Unfortunately, I do not live anywhere near Seattle, but I encourage anyone in the vicinity to go for a fun little visit.  Directions are below.

google maps

live maps

Update: Whoops, it is both Kate and Tiana. Sorry! Also look for them to be on an upcoming episode of the excellent podcast, skepticality.


3 Responses

  1. Hey now, I’ll have you know that’s a call from both Kate and I.

  2. Tiana and I would like to thank you for promoting our cause. It’s great to see that other people are open to it. You can also listen to our Skepticality interview on December 2nd in which we discuss our adventures.

  3. Thanks for the edit! We’re also inviting Casey Luskin out for drinks while I’m visiting. 🙂

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