Discovery Institute promotes student-led groups for academic pseudofreedom

On December 11th, Robert Crowther asks "what is more important than your freedom?"  While I agree that real personal freedom is one of the most important human rights, this is not what intelligent design (ID) proponents mean when they say freedom. Let me rephrase his question to be more accurate: "what is more important than your freedom to believe whatever you want without regard to reality?"

The whole idea of "academic freedom" promoted by the Discovery Institute (DI) is ridiculous. Education shouldn’t be subject to what an individual person chooses to believe. If it was, then holocaust denial, astrology, homeopathy, etc. would all be fair game. Who would ever want such a thing? Not even the DI would want something like that. They just want their brand of academic freedom to apply to only the subjects they believe in.  

In his post, Crowther is writing to promote the formation of IDEA (Intelligent design and awareness) student groups. I am not saying that this is some sort of indoctrination movement, but shouldn’t their priority be to look for evidence first?  Just like Kate Holden and Tiana Dietz pointed out in their tour of the DI, they didn’t see anything resembling a lab in the whole building.  Finding evidence should be their priority, and the fact that it isn’t is very telling.

Its easy to see why they would want to target high school and college students. We all know that people that age are very impressionable. They are at a stage in their life where they are trying to find themselves and easily latch on to in group that peaks their interest. These characteristics are why cults target this age group.  I guess their idea is that if you can’t beat them with science and  reason, then convert their kids.


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