Discovery Institute’s New Year’s Resolutions

With the new year just beginning, I thought it would be a good idea to provide a list of resolutions that the Discovery Institute should focus on.  If these resolutions are upheld, maybe the Discovery Institute can become less of a joke than it already is. 

  1. Focus on science – For an organization based on a supposed scientific theory, there doesn’t seem to be too much focus on real science.  The Discovery Institute should be putting their money and their mouths almost exclusively on science.  Enough with the legal maneuvers; start generating testable hypothesis. 
  2. Stop misrepresenting scientists – A favorite tool of the Discovery Institute is quote mining.  This happens when a person uses a quote from another person without the proper meaning and background.  For example, see Casey Luskin’s treatment of Catherine Boisvert.    
  3. Stop misreporting scientific results – Discovery Institute fellows have a habit of interpreting scientific papers in a way that fits their preconceived notion. Very rarely (if ever) are they qualified to be commenting on a new scientific finding.  Leave the interpretation and analysis to those that are trained and experienced.  
  4. Be honest with their motivation – It is clear for anyone even half paying attention that nearly every ID-proponent believes that God is the designer.  The Wedge document solidifies this obvious conclusion.  Stop pushing a particular view of God into science.
  5. Gain an accurate view of the institution of Science – Quite frequently, a Discovery Institute fellow makes claims about how modern science operates that are completely inaccurate.  Their claims of dogma and closed-minded experts fall flat.  Scientists love to prove each other wrong and will jump at the chance to overturn some well-established principle.   

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