Preemptive Post on Evolutionary Trees

New Scientist has a recent article that focuses on the Tree of Life (TOL).  In the article, the author describes the relatively new advances in genetics and genomics that show that there likely is not a single TOL.  Does this lack of an all encompassing TOL mean that there is a problem with evolution?  Absolutely not., but I am predicting that the Discovery Institute and other Intelligent Design proponents will disagree and write blog posts saying as much.

My predictions for the Discovery Institute blog Evolution News and Views:

  • Will say “see there are weaknesses in evolution”
  • Will contain language about how a lack of a complete tree is an ID prediction
  • Will say that evolutionists are scrambling to rescue evolution in light of this
  • Probably be written by Casey Luskin

This post was written on 1-22-9 at 7:00 am cst and as of now there are no posts on the evolution news and views blog. They seem to really be focusing on the crap going on in Texas now, but will surely get back to pseudoscience as normal.  Watch for a follow up post about the current state of the TOL even if the DI doesn’t write about it.


2 Responses

  1. I haven’t read the article, but sounds like that the take away on this should be that, given the right conditions, life is inevitable.

  2. skepTick,
    I agree with your statements, but the article was focusing more on the process called horizontal gene transfer. This is a process where genes are swapped between species independent of reproduction (asexual or sexual). This makes it really hard to make a tree of life when all the genes keep getting shuffled around.

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