Predictions fulfilled?

Okay, I missed the mark on my predictions about the New Scientist Tree of Life article.  However, there was a post by Robert Crowther relating to the subject .  This was posted just over an hour after I posted my predictions.  The post was more of a personal attack on David Hillis than discussing the tree of life, but he did reference two articles that had the exact quotes as the article I linked to.  I predicted that the Discovery Institute will:

  • Say “see there are weaknesses in evolution” 

Crowther did write this in reference to the two articles mentioned above:

.The debate before the board of course is whether or not there are any weaknesses with modern Darwinian theory.  Hillis, Skoog, and Wetherington, amazingly refused to admit any weakness whatsoever, even when presented with evidence showing that there are weaknesses and that scientists robustly debate

So I think it is safe to say that prediction was fulfilled.

  • Will contain language about how a lack of a complete tree is an ID prediction

Nothing was mentioned about ID predictions, so this was a failed prediction

  • Will say that evolutionists are scrambling to rescue evolution in light of this

Nothing was mentioned about this, so another failed prediction 

  • Probably be written by Casey Luskin

Missed this one too :(  Maybe I will have better luck with my next predictions. 


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