A typical Intelligent Design proponent series of events

Upon examination of the many intelligent design (ID) proponent attempts to spin real science into something that supports ID, I have come up with the equivalent of a business plan for ID:

  1. Real scientific research finds something new
  2. Scientists have different hypotheses on what is going on
  3. Newer research rules out some of the old hypotheses
  4. Discovery institute says scientists were wrong and ID was right
  5. profit

Past examples of such a nonsense view of the progression of science include junk DNA and endogenous retroviruses,  A new example can be seen in a recent blog post by Casey Luskin entitled Nature Paper Shows "Junk-RNA" Going the Same Direction as "Junk-DNA" In this post, Luskin tries to persuade his audience that a recent discovery of a function for some “junk-RNA” supports ID.  It simply doesn’t.  For a nice critique of Luskin’s ideas check out the sandwalk blog, by evolutionary biologist Larry Moran,

Lets look at the series of events according to the ID proponent business plan outlined above::

  1. Scientists find some RNAs that do not have any known function
  2. Some scientists believe these RNAs must have some unknown function, others believe they could just be junk
  3. Recent Nature paper shows some of this RNA has a function (~5%)
  4. Discovery Institute’s Casey Luskin says: see, this is what ID predicted, a function for these RNAs (doesn’t mention that is only 5% of them)
  5. profit

Of course the new research supports evolution. These new small RNA’s have  "over 95% showing clear evolutionary conservation."  Wow, that sure does disprove evolution and prove intelligent design right? Doesn’t it?


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