Intelligent design tip of the day #1: Unguided evolution

(Note: this post is written in accordance with Poe’s Law)

Remind your audience that evolution is unguided, random, and without purpose.

One key to having people not accept evolution is that it must be thought of as being completely random.  If someone realizes that survival and successful reproduction are some of the strongest forms of selection, they may be converted to the dark side of evolution.  Don’t let this happen.  Constantly refer to evolution as unguided.

For extra benefit, ask such questions as “how could anything so random as evolution produce something so complex as a human?”  Of course we know the answer is that hundreds of millions of years and countless generations all being subject to natural selection produced humans.  But don’t let on 😉

As with any other intelligent design tactic, keep repeating this bit about purposeless evolution even when it has been shown to be inaccurate.  If we are going to be truthful here, then we might as well be truthful about all our other tactics.  We can’t let that happen.

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