My review of Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

A couple weeks ago I suffered through watching Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. I am going to give an overview of the movie so you don’t have to sit through it. If you want an in depth review, I suggest you read Roger Ebert ‘s excellent review.

The first thing I noticed is that the movie was thoroughly unentertaining. I know that it is a low-budget documentary, but it just droned on and on. I guess a lot of this could have been due to the narrator, Ben Stein. Seriously, I don’t know what they were thinking when they decided to use him. In Ferris Bueller’s Day off, Ben Stein was chosen because of his monotone speech as an example of a horribly boring teacher.

Another thing that I noticed is that for a movie that is pushing the idea of intelligent design, there really wasn’t much discussion of the science. It would have been a really good place to showcase the real proof of intelligent design (if there were any). There also wasn’t any discussion of the evidence for or against evolutionary theory. Instead, the focus of the movie was to find people who are blaming their being laid off on their belief in intelligent design. Actually, that was only the first part of the movie. Most of the movie was either focused on how all evolution believers are atheists or how a belief in evolution allows someone to become a Nazi.

Lets go over why the connection between Nazis and evolution is wrong again. The Nazi’s were trying to make the perfect race. They were attempting this by limiting or stopping procreation of people that they deemed were inferior. Ben Stein and ID proponents argue that the Nazis were using the ideas of evolution to accomplish this. First, evolutionary theory deals with natural selection not forced selection. Second, the Nazis only needed to know about inheritance, not evolution, to accomplish their goal. If any scientist should be blamed, it would have to be the scientist and priest, Gregory Mendel. Finally, what the Nazis were engaging in was human breeding. The idea of animal breeding has been around for thousands upon thousands of years before Charles Darwin was even born.

After seeing the movie, I was struck by how hypocritical the creators of this movie were when they threw PZ Myers out of the theatre in an advanced screening of the movie. They literally expelled one of the people that is in the movie.  Yet they go on and on about how unfair it is that outsiders aren’t let in, freedom, etc.

Speaking of PZ Myers, here is an scene in the movie when Ben Stein is asking PZ about religion. PZ says (104 minutes in) that he thinks that religion should become something of a “side dish and not the main course.” Right after we hear Ben Stein ask “but will eradication of religion really lead to a modern utopia?” PZ never said anything about eradication.  Couldn’t they have done a better job and make it less obvious that they are twisting PZ’s words around?

At another point in the movie, Ben Stein was being an immature jerk when he was interviewing Richard Dawkins. He asked Richard Dawkins to give him a number on how certain he was that god didn’t exist. Dawkins says 99%. Then Stein pesters him over and over about that number. “Why not 97%”  Dawkins continues “It is hard to put a guess on it. I am not comfortable putting a number on it.” Stein keeps going. “Why not 49%?” This is a meaningless line of questioning just so Stein can try to be mean to Dawkins. Frankly I am surprised that they left that in the movie. Imagine what they left out…

What about the supposed real purpose of the movie, the idea that Intelligent Design proponents are being expelled? The movie showed a few people who lost their jobs, but no real smoking gun that it was due to their belief in Intelligent design. The NCSE has done an excellent job in giving the full story to each of the “expelled.”

In the end, the movie was exactly what it was predicted to be: full of bad arguments with no real substance. If you are looking for some real, logical arguments to support intelligent design, you won’t find it here.


2 Responses

  1. What are you talking about? The point this movie was trying to make was that these scientist and professors were being expelled, hence the tile of the documentary “Expelled,” just because their research led them to the conclusion that all life and existence has intelligent design. Since we live in a Darwinist society, everyone believes Darwin idea of evolution, so schools, universities and the government is stopping them from perusing their research in explaining the true origins of life. Furthermore, you said there wasn’t any discussion of the evidence for or against evolutionary theory. Right, they wasn’t trying to disprove the evolution theory but rather point out that Darwin got it wrong. In addition, the Nazi were influenced by Darwin’s evolution theories. The Nazi wanted to create a supreme race, to do they eradicate all they believe unworthy to be apart of the human race and by doing this they thought they could help mankind evolve The reason they chose Ben is because he does a good job of arguing both side, and from what I seen in the movie, the people against intelligent design had nothing useful to say. 99% where is his evidence? Ben was pestering him because “99%” come on now! How in the hell did he come up with that number? ANYONE, ANYONE! I thought so. He doesn’t even know how we came into existence. Here’s a thought ice crystals in space. LOL, now that’s retarded. In conclusion, this documentary was pointing out the as scientist we should consider all the facts and evidence, this is America where we have the freedom to pursue truth.

  2. John,

    As I said in my review, I think only about a third of the movie was actually talking about the scientist that had been “expelled.” The rest of the movie had a completely different theme.

    We do not live in a “darwinist” society. The latest Gallup pole has less than 40% of people believing in evolution.

    The Nazi’s were not basing their ideas on Darwin’s theory. They were engaging in selective breeding, an idea that has been around for thousands of years. Wanting to create a supreme race has nothing to do with natural selection.

    Dawkins said 99% because that is what a lot of people say when they are almost completely certain of something. I am sure you have even said it.

    Finally, you point out that we have the freedom to pursue the truth. I completely agree with you. However, we don’t have freedom from facts and evidence. Those things have to be the basis for our understanding of reality.

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