Evolution Resources

General Information

  • AntiEvolution – provides concise and accurate information for those who wish to critically examine the antievolution movement.


  • NSCE – National Center for Science Education

2 Responses

  1. Thanks, some great links here. I especially enjoyed Understanding
    Evolution and Science. Its nice to see such tidily presented arguments. Sadly the majority of creationists are too irrational to actually read them and understand a little more about the scientific process, they are more likely to just troll here and try to open a debate. I liked that you supplied links to intelligent design sites too, very nice of you to present the opportunity for people to make up their own minds.

  2. Back when I was first learning about Natural Selection text books always used the example of a moth on a tree in the UK. The moths were living in a forest next to a large coal mine. The tree bark was black, the moths were black, cammoflage was good and the moths thrived. Then the coal mine shut down. Time passed and the tree bark, which had been stained black by the coal dust began to return to their natural light grey color. The black moths were easy to see and quickly became meals for birds. As the predation pressure increased the black moths vanished. Then scientists noticed that a grey version of the black moth began thriving. Later it was discovered that the black moth was a melanistic phase of the gray moth, which had been discovered in collections predating mining activities. The only random act was people and their mining activities. The two color phases of the moth were stored in their genetic code and only required some predation stress to cause the change. Not really random. As for the Creationists, read Flannery O’Connor.

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