Discovery Institute once again shows us that it is all about ideology

Human embryonic stem cell

Human embryonic stem cell colony

The Discovery Institute’s Evolution News and Views blog often leaves the realm of evolution.  Whenever it does, you can be sure that the subject will be politically or religiously motivated.  The fact that the Discovery Institute takes up these subjects not involved with evolution shows that they are not really interested in knowing the real science.  They just want to push their ideology.

In Logan Gage’s recent post entitled New Administration Displays Old, Naïve Understanding of Science, Gage engages in the typical language used in partisan attacks, including references to the “hard Left” and the “anti-Bush mantra.”  In the post, he is arguing how questions of embryonic stem cell research “involves questions of a moral and prudential (political) nature.”  So why is he arguing this in a blog dedicated to the discussion of evolution?  Gage tries to somehow link this to a discussion of evolution education, but it is clear this is a ideologically motivated post.

Not only is Gage focusing on something that should not have anything to do with evolution, he is being very mismleading:

President’s decision to have taxpayers (many of whom are morally opposed) fund new embryo-destructive research

As of right now, the Dickey-Wicker Amendment is still in effect, therefore embryos will not be created and destroyed for this research.  Even if this law was repealed, human embryos are destroyed during in vitro fertilization procedures.  The most likely source of new embryonic stem cells will be these discarded embryos.  Gage is not even giving half the story here.

Gage also quotes a Robert George and Eric Cohen article:

It is red meat to his Bush-hating base, yet pays no more than lip service to recent scientific breakthroughs that make possible the production of cells that are biologically equivalent to embryonic stem cells without the need to create or kill human embryos.

First, it is too early to really know if these cells are biologically equivalent to embryonic stem cells.  We shouldn’t shut any doors because of a few new studies.  Secondly, Obama does more than pay “lip service” by making a promise to support

promising research of all kinds, including groundbreaking work to convert ordinary human cells into ones that resemble embryonic stem cells.

No matter where you fall in the embryonic stem cell debate, it is clear that the Discovery Institute is complacent with spreading misinformation on any subject.  How on earth does anyone believe these guys are honestly trying to pursue science?