Michael Egnor is Missing Links

Today, Dr. Michael Egnor illustrated his spite for Dr. Steven Novella.  Dr. Novella is an academic neurologist that runs the Neurologica blog along with the Skeptic’s Guide podcast and the New England Skeptical Society.  I have followed Steve, through the podcast and blog, for nearly the last three years.  He is highly logical, extremely bright, and intellectually honest when debating others.  Egnor does not outright display his spite, but instead insinuates that Steve is somehow hiding from Egnor by deleting posts from the Neurologica blog.  Here is how Egnor finishes the post:

I emailed Dr. Novella, and asked him:

Steven,I’ve noticed a few missing posts on your blog. The posts were related to our on-going debate. Why are they no longer available? …


So far, no answer. His blog posts are gone. Like they never even happened. So I publicly ask Dr.Novella this question: what happened to your blog posts? A post on your blog NeuroLogica to answer this question would be helpful.

Now I did a little checking this afternoon.  There are a lot of posts that are no longer available on his blog, not just the ones pertaining to Egnor.  Why not mention that others?  Why publically ask Steve and not wait to see if it is some technical glitch?  Because it is an attack on the character of one of Egnor’s enemies.